Monday, September 24, 2007

Favorite F!

ah... this was a hard one... I really love a lot of F things... but, I am going with.... FAMILY!

I have the best little family ever. My hubby is everything I want in a spouse.. he is my best friend.. an amazing father.. and a great provider. He amazes me with his testimony. He has great faith and is a great example to his little kiddos. I can't ever imagine my life without this hunky man. I love him more than chocolate milk.
Each of my kids are so special and bring me such joy. It's crazy how different they are and how much they each add to our family. I love these little bugs.
I also have a wonderful Dad, loving Mom, amazing brothers and my sister is fabulous! :)

Other funky F's I love: FOOD! Friends, Freedom, Faith, Finished basements, Fall, Fords, Flip flops and fireplaces...

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Joel and Kristie said...

I love your F~Family is EVERYTHING!!!