Thursday, December 31, 2009

last few funnies from 2009...

Av: "Mom, Santa's elves didn't work very hard on this princess ring. It already broke."

Mom: "what? you already broke something?"

Av: "no, it's because Santa isn't very creative mom. He needs to work harder."


We were packing up the kids and the car to go home from my parents house over christmas.. Grandma and Grandpa were at church.. we were all ready to go sitting in the car and Grandma pulled up. Kendyl said from the back seat..."Awkward"


*sigh* I love that these kiddos are growing up and entering new fun stages... I am excited for 2010 and all the funny fab moments our family will experience together...Happy New Year everyone!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

big hair.

Ry: "Avwe, your hair is beautiful, but it scares me."

Mom: "why does is scare you Ry?"

Ry: "because."

Av: "because you always put these big bows in my hair Mom."

Saturday, December 12, 2009

av. you make me laugh...

I was showing Av some of my jewelry from the trip and she *freaked* out about it....{jewelry is her thing..}

Av: (as she clutches a necklace close to her chest) "oh mom.. this is all so... original."

K: huh? original? what do you mean Av?

Av: *turning to Kendyl* it means mom is so cute Kendyl.


After we picked up Avery from her friend Madisons house she wouldn't stop talking about stuff she did...

Mom: "Av, were you good?"

Avery: "yes mom. I kept all my burps in my throat like girls are suppossed to do."


Dad: "Av, will you take those shoes to my closet?"

Av: "ok dad"

*walking past him with shoes in hand....*

Av: "see how graciously I am carrying your shoes dad?"