Sunday, June 29, 2008

ok... first off. Amanda, please don't kill me for posting this AWESOME picture.... but!! I have to explain how my day went today and this picture is just how I felt....

Stephen got a call last night to pick up some OT and pick up a prisoner in Monticello... So, I was already stressed out that I had to go to church all by myself. Yes, I know, it's tragic.

So, this morning I was franticly getting the kiddos ready... then decided to be a little late because the thought of me trying to keep all four quiet in sacrament... made me throw up a little. So, I "happily" get the kids ready and out the door at 10:40. I was pretty proud of myself actually that we made it at all.... well, we get to church and go to the chapel... it's empty. I was totally confused. I texted Stephen and asked what time church starts... he just replied " are you crazy?" and told me it started at 11:00. I about cried. I had no snacks-no books-no nothing. I was a total space case and now I had to sit through all of Sacrament without a thing to keep them occupied... (moms with little ones will feel my pain...) I ran to the library and got some crayons and paper and crossed my fingers. I had to leave in the middle of it because Av was being a pill... and the baby was REALLY ready for a nap.

While out there I was looking at a calendar and realized that TODAY was our Anniversary. Again... I about cried. That's the THIRD year in a row we have forgotten about it... I am losing my mind. Seriously.

So, moral of the story... I have the mind of a three year old. And the memory of a Popsicle stick.


ok. not really.

summer stuff....

Brad and Kendyl have been having fun playing T-ball this summer...

It's funny. They argue after every game as to who hit the ball the farthest...
Brad power hits the ball... but kills ants with his glove when he is playing the field...he just sits in the grass and never looks up.... He says he is "killing all the killer ants for everyone"

Kendyl loves to try and catch the ball and crash into her friends and roll on the grass laughing
while all of the parents are yelling at her to throw the ball to the base...

yeah. they take it very seriously.... goofballs.

ok. I have so much to post... I am overwhelmed. So... instead I will just gradually add some pics from the fun stuff we have been doing the last few weeks....

Thursday, June 19, 2008

funny Av

ok. I have tons to update about... but, I haven't downloaded pics yet... so, I will wait. BUT! I can't resist something funny Av said to me today....

AV: "Mom. Boys can't wear these!!"

Mom: "What? What can't boys wear?"

AV: "Bows and tights mom. Boys can't wear bows and tights."

Mom: "Oh, that's sad. Why not?"

AV: "Because boys that wear tights are spicy."

Mom: (holding back the belly laughter...) "What?"

AV: "Mom. I'm serious. Boys who wear tights are spicy."

nuff said.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

rock climbing...

Monday we had a big BBQ with some of our friends and had a really fun time... the highlight was rock climbing... these little monkeys did so good. Kendyl did it bare foot and Brad was so super brave... and even our peanut, Av gave it a whirl and did great... what yummy little people...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

our Memorial Day...

for my birthday this year... Stephen and the kiddos took me to Salt Lake to stay in a hotel, play and shop. It was a lot of fun. We went swimming, took the kids to the Spaghetti factory, went to a few malls, IHOP (a must for breakfast, but not very smart because it was Memorial day and EVERYONE went to IHOP for breakfast...). But, our highlight was driving up to Ogden to the Hill Aerospace Museum. Because we went on Memorial Day, we had the special treat of having dozens and dozens of Vets there at each plane telling stories and details that were awesome. The hard thing about being prego and doing stuff like this... I just want to burst into tears, every second. I am so very grateful for the soldiers on land in the air and on the sea that have fought for our freedom and liberties. I don't think they are recognized enough for their great sacrifices. To top it off... Stephens brother, Stewart is coming home from war... as I type this. I am honored to have active duty family members and I am proud of their decisions to bless the lives of others.

God bless our soldiers.