Sunday, June 29, 2008

ok... first off. Amanda, please don't kill me for posting this AWESOME picture.... but!! I have to explain how my day went today and this picture is just how I felt....

Stephen got a call last night to pick up some OT and pick up a prisoner in Monticello... So, I was already stressed out that I had to go to church all by myself. Yes, I know, it's tragic.

So, this morning I was franticly getting the kiddos ready... then decided to be a little late because the thought of me trying to keep all four quiet in sacrament... made me throw up a little. So, I "happily" get the kids ready and out the door at 10:40. I was pretty proud of myself actually that we made it at all.... well, we get to church and go to the chapel... it's empty. I was totally confused. I texted Stephen and asked what time church starts... he just replied " are you crazy?" and told me it started at 11:00. I about cried. I had no snacks-no books-no nothing. I was a total space case and now I had to sit through all of Sacrament without a thing to keep them occupied... (moms with little ones will feel my pain...) I ran to the library and got some crayons and paper and crossed my fingers. I had to leave in the middle of it because Av was being a pill... and the baby was REALLY ready for a nap.

While out there I was looking at a calendar and realized that TODAY was our Anniversary. Again... I about cried. That's the THIRD year in a row we have forgotten about it... I am losing my mind. Seriously.

So, moral of the story... I have the mind of a three year old. And the memory of a Popsicle stick.


ok. not really.


Rob & Juliann said...

Oh Dev...I feel your pain. Just being alone is Sac meeting while Rob is passing makes me cry every Sunday. And about the anniversary, girl, you have pregnancy brain! It will be over soon...then you'll have the "I have 5 kids brain"

Love ya sexy lady!

apzmarshl said...

Poor Dev I made you change a poopie on your anniversary!! I am so sorry. I will watch your midgets so you and Stephen can go out to dinner, or fall asleep and recoup your brains. me..........

Amanda said...

Ha ha! Happy Anniversary (again)!!!! Tonight was so fun. We need to do more as couples. Both Jake and I love it. Oh. And it's cool with me that you post psycho-looking pictures of me on your blog because.. well, lets face it. I'm psycho. But that's what makes me special.