Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I've been tagged... again!

Ok, last time I was tagged by Monica, I never got around to doing it... so, this time I really will.. here we go.

4 jobs I've had
-- auditor for Dillards
-- nanny for an Indy car racer's kids
-- display manager for JcPenneys
-- teach scrapbook classes

4 movies I'd watch over and over
-- First knight
-- Cheaper by the dozen
-- Sweet Home Alabama
-- Dodge Ball

4 places I've lived
-- Federal Way, Washington
-- Aiken, South Carolina
-- Bristol, England
-- Cardiff, Wales

4 favorite TV shows
-- Las Vegas
-- flip this house
-- Miami Ink

4 places I've been on holiday
-- Miami, Florida
-- Cancun & Cozumel
-- Agusta, Georgia
-- Washington D.C.

4 favorite dishes
-- anything with sticky rice
-- PF Changs lettuce wraps
-- my moms meatballs! yummo!
-- ice cream sandwiches... does that count?

4 favorite websites

4 places you'd rather be
-- visiting jolly 'ole England
-- on a cruise with hubby
-- Scrapbookusa expo (just 2 months!!)
-- in bed.. with kids asleep... and a clean house

4 people you are tagging
-- Heather!
-- Kristie
-- back at you Monica :)
-- Melanie

Sunday, July 22, 2007

summer birthday party...

Here are some pics from a birthday party that my sister had for two of her kiddos, Aaliyah & Damon. It was a blast. She has one of the big bouncy castles and my mom went CRAZY with the food... it was really fun. And check out the AMAZING cakes...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

we found the halloween costumes...

it's funny how all kids love a good dress up every now and then. We brought up all of the costumes this afternoon and everyone had a great time.... they will love these pics when they're older...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

my baseball player...

Well, Brad is finally getting the hang of the whole t-ball thing and he only has
one game left. But I think he will have more confidence and excitement for
next summer.... we are very proud of him. What a handsome little ball

this is Brad with his little buddy, Jack.
just hangin'...

this looks like Brad is going to steal home...
but actually, he is totally interested in the other game
across the field...

It looks like he's hitting off the tee, but he actually
asked the coach to pitch to him. Yep, making us proud!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Rylin is sitting!!

My little bug started sitting yesterday. I am still in shock. I hate how fast the first year goes by! She'll be walking before I know it!! She is still a bit wobbly, but very adorable!! love you RyRy!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

*******FaMiLy PiCs*******

Happy 4th of July! We broke our family tradition today... it's very sad, actually. We have gone to watch the hot air balloons take off @ 6am EVERY fourth of July since the kids were born. But this year Stephen couldn't get out of work and it would be totally insane to take the four bugs all by myself... big crowds+one momma+ four curious kiddos...uh huh. NO WAY. But we will somehow catch some fireworks tonight...
**************GOD BLESS AMERICA************************