Wednesday, July 4, 2007

*******FaMiLy PiCs*******

Happy 4th of July! We broke our family tradition today... it's very sad, actually. We have gone to watch the hot air balloons take off @ 6am EVERY fourth of July since the kids were born. But this year Stephen couldn't get out of work and it would be totally insane to take the four bugs all by myself... big crowds+one momma+ four curious kiddos...uh huh. NO WAY. But we will somehow catch some fireworks tonight...
**************GOD BLESS AMERICA************************

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Lindsey said...

Hey...I wish you were here or I was there! Aaron's working today, too! Zander and I went to a fun parade this morning...I don't know if I could take four all by myself either! I can barely keep track of the one! Happy 4th of July!! Love ya!