Saturday, June 30, 2007

6 years!!

Stephen and I have been married for a wonderful 6 years as of yesterday... and for the SECOND year in a row we both forgot our anniversary. Actually we spent it cleaning out the backyard and making a massive trip to the dump. (don't you just love those spring cleaning days... ;) Romantic 'eh?!?!
Luckily my sweet honey got me flowers just two days ago. I told him that they can count as anniversary ones....
I love my Stephen more than anything... he is really my hero... He works so hard for our family. In fact, tomorrow he has his final tests with the fire dept. So, between police, fire and EMT he is constantly working or being paged or going to meetings or something of the sort. But he is a great example to the kids of hard work and ambition.
I know I've said it before but, he looks HOT HOT HOT in his many uniforms too! ;) I love you baby. Happy Anniversary!!!


Joel and Kristie said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Monica B. said...

Happy Anniversary!!! You guys look great together.