Friday, March 27, 2009

Stephen was bent over tying Brad's shoe and this was their conversation.....

B:"Dad... your hair stinks."

Dad: "{laughing}really? thanks Brad."

B:"you smell like... lawn fertilizer."

Dad: still laughing...

B: "it's ok Dad. I like fertilizer."


Mom: "Av, you're silly.."

Av: "No I'm not mom. I am a nut and a monkey bum."

Monday, March 16, 2009

some funnies from this weekend..

B: "Mom, you're my favorite Mom."
[brad talking to avery in the car..]
B:"Uncle Mac is going to Satan George on his mission"
A:"no he's not."
Mom: "uh. He's not going to Satan George...he's going to California.."
Mom: "B, guess what? Tomorrow we are going to sign up for
B: "I don't want to."
Mom: "Why not? Aren't you excited to go to school?"
B: "no. Then I won't see my sisters and our family will split up. Do you want that to happen?"

Friday, March 6, 2009 crack me up.

Last night at the dinner table:

Av: [without looking up from her plate] "Mom, you need to get some space bags"

Mom: "what? {laughing inside} what are space bags?

Av: "you know! You put your clothes in them, stick a vacume to it and then pour dirt and water on top."

Mom: " hmm. we totally need those."

{another reason cable was shut off a while ago.. my kids have commercials memorized.}

this morning Av was sitting on my lap and she was talking on her pretend cell phone. She calls her friends and Dad all day long....
I was tickling her leg so she couldn't talk and she covered the phone and said "Mom, stop it or I am going to call Jesus and tell him"

I love these funny little people...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Av is a nut.

Av: "Mom, do you know the name of my three lipsticks?"

Mom: "No, what are they..."

Av: "Bubblegum, Chocolate berry and Belly button"

Mom: "really? those are nice names... why did you call that one Belly button?

Av: [rolling her eyes at me] "don't ask me any more questions about it mom."