Monday, March 16, 2009

some funnies from this weekend..

B: "Mom, you're my favorite Mom."
[brad talking to avery in the car..]
B:"Uncle Mac is going to Satan George on his mission"
A:"no he's not."
Mom: "uh. He's not going to Satan George...he's going to California.."
Mom: "B, guess what? Tomorrow we are going to sign up for
B: "I don't want to."
Mom: "Why not? Aren't you excited to go to school?"
B: "no. Then I won't see my sisters and our family will split up. Do you want that to happen?"


Dallin said...

Seriously...your kids say the funniest things! Mine just likes to say "I do it" all day long!

Angela said...

wow they the funniest things and the baby is sure growing..