Friday, March 28, 2008

Brad and I were cuddling earlier and he asked me what the brown dots were on my nose...
I told them they were freckles... and then I said " I bet all of you kiddos will get them in the summer like your mom"

He looked at me funny and said "I don't want to have freakos like that mom..."

freako. I hope this kid never learns to speak properly...
How will I entertain myself?
funny boy.

flashback friday....

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

yummo recipe...

check out eat your spinach for a new ADDICTING recipe from Amy.

seriously. it's dang good.

Monday, March 24, 2008

ahhhh.... my new favorite....

this song is awesome.

whoda thought I would melt to country music.... I guess it's those sexy southern boy accents.... gets to me :)

**don't forget to pause me music to the right...** ;)

99 balloons...

Amanda posted this incredible video on her blog... I thought it was really appropriate to pass along to my "peeps" around Easter...
You can watch it here.

Happy late Easter everyone...

Friday, March 21, 2008

flashback friday...

isn't he cute in his glasses?? Yes. he still has them... just won't wear them...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Monday, March 17, 2008

my 100...

Megan and Jill did a fun post.... it's 100 random things about you.... to help others get to know you. I thought it looked fun. And for some reason, I love these things.... It takes a long time~ but it's fun to rack your brain for randomness...ok. here we go...

1. I love being a SAHM.
2. I laugh when my kids get hurt. {yes. I know. it's evil...}

3. I love to decorate and re-decorate my house.
4. Most of my house is decorated with garage sale finds...

5. I am an avid garage sale shopper...
6. I love to match my 3 girls clothes
7. When I am pregnant I take a bubble bath EVERYDAY.
8. I am a "closet" reader.
9. I think my husband looks the sexiest in his 20 yr. old sweats.
10. The car I drove in college was a beat up Toyota Tercel named Nelly
11. Stephen and I haven't been on our honeymoon yet.
12. I love refinishing old furniture
13. I never write thank you letters... it's a horrible habit
14. I love reading the scriptures
15. I used to want a flower shop...
16. Now I want to own a whole boutique...
17. I love taking portraits outdoors
18. I spend all of my money on my kids clothes...

19. I desperately want a garden, but Stephen and I kill EVERYTHING we plant
20. I was chosen to recite by memory all of D&C 4 in front of 300 missionaries AND Elder Holland.
21. I used to be a Dental Assistant.
22. I let my friend drive my car in High School for lunch and she ran into the side of Albertsons.
23. I never NEVER listened to country music growing up... and I married a cowboy.
24. I swore I would never live in a small town, now I refuse to ever live in a big city.
25. I would love to be a scrapbook designer and have my own line of products.
26. I LOVE being in labor. I get excited when my contractions start.
27. I have witnessed over a dozen bad car accidents.
28. My feet have grown from a 7 to an 8 1/2 since I bore my first kiddo.
29. I wrote the horoscopes for my high school paper.
30. I bought baby clothes before I was even married...
31. I want (seriously) a dozen kids.

32. My sister and I were chosen from a crowd at Universal Studios (back in the 80s) to ride on the HUGE bee from "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids".
33. When I was in High School... before I got my parents went out of town and I took the car to a H.S soccer game... the neighbors called the police and said our car was stolen... I got in pretty big trouble.
34. I have a HORRIBLE memory. You have to tell me everything.. 4 times.
35. I still have all of my prom dresses. I saved them for my girls...
36. I used to work for Mrs. Field Cookies...
37. I shaved half my head in High School.
38. I HATE the sound of bathroom fans.
39. I have never broken a bone in my body.
40. I love to prepare lessons and talks.

41. I am compulsive IN MY MIND about cleaning... but, I have a hard time following through with all of the things I want to do...
42. I miscarried a baby 3 years ago. A month later we got prego with Avery.
43. I was an all star on my baseball team... when I was 12.
44. I got my bellybutton pierced in High School.
45. I took it out when my doctor measured my tummy with Kendyl....he told me it would be the size of a nickel by the time she was born.. now it's just an ugly tiny battle wound.
46. I hated having fake nails because Stephen would make me scratch his back all the stinkin time.
47. I love my handwriting. I used to doodle for hours just to make it pretty and fun.
48. Stephen used to bring me flowers to work at least once a month when we were dating... and big huge teddy bears.

49. When I was a nanny, my boss gave me 500 dollars to make a dinner. Then she told me she wanted eggplant Parmesan.... I had no idea what I was doing. I put it in the oven and locked myself in my room... who knows if she even ate it...
50. I love to shop thrift stores. I am a digger. I love finding a good deal.
51. Stephen and I KNOW we will have a million dollars some day. Right now we just want to be thousandars.... ;)
52. I really want to adopt a baby someday.
53. I think I am tough. I love to wrestle with Stephen... until he wins and hurts me. Then I hate it...
54. I love playing skipbo
55. I can't stay awake for movies... I lose interest very fast... actually, I think I am just always really tired.
56. This is actually really hard to think of stuff....
57. My mom calls me Devy.
58. I wish I had a middle name. My friend Chelsea and I used to make up middle names for ourselves. Hers was Renae mine was Marie.
59. Chelsea and I went to basketball camp one summer and forgot our water bottles... on our breaks we would go through all of the drive-thru's and ask for 4 waters... they were free back then...

60. I love big purses.
61. I live in flip flops. I wear them through winter... hoping that the weather gods will take notice and melt the snow...
62. I love going through the Parade of Homes
63. I got a speeding ticket on my 25th birthday. Jerk.
64. Before I graduated from High School 9 people that I knew passed away.
65. I hate to drive
66. I would rather get flowers than chocolate any day.

67. I used to be an usher at the David O McKay events center. I got to see Barry Manilow in concert. I know ladies. You're jealous.
68. I think hunting is disgusting. My husband put it this way...(I totally agree) He thinks you should give the deer a sword and at least make the fight fair... now THAT would be interesting...
69. I hate it when my husband jokes about poo. It makes me so mad when I laugh.
70. I was proposed to 4 times before Stephen did. I am so glad I waited :)
71. I was hypnotized at Jonny B's. I was told I was one of Madonnas back up dancers... And I was quite the booty shaker... hmm.. embarassing.
72. I clean better with music on. loud.
73. I am really excited to be a grandma someday.
74. I hate scary movies. I can't watch anything slightly scary before bed... otherwise I have nightmares all night.
75. I love to go on walks with my kiddos.
76. I used to shape paper clips to fit my teeth. I loved the look of retainers... until I got a real one. then they just hurt...
77. I have a scrapbook obsession. Admitting it is the first step...

78. I love Wendy's frosties
79. I have a major crush on Bruce Willis. I know he is old. I don't care. :)
80. I love camping.
81. I dread not having any babies in my house.
82. I learned how to whistle when I was a jr. in High School.
83. I love painting the rooms in my house different colors.
84. I can't pass up kids selling lemonade on the driveway. I think that's why our neighbors (the kids :) do it every other day in the summer....
85. I was kicked out of my house when I was 17.
86. I rescued a cat when I was 19 and named him Yoshi. My mom still has him.
87. Before I got married I was an internal auditor for Dillards
88. I over bleach my whites... just because I am obsessed with the smell.
89. I am deathly afraid of horses
90. I had a feta cheese salad my first trimester with Kendyl and I haven't been able to look at it the same since...

91. I am horrible at making birthday cakes... they always turn into some sort of a disaster.
92. I never untie my tennis shoes
93. I went out on a blind date with a guy just out of high school and later found out he just got out of prison. He told me he thought "I was the one" and started to stalk me... I moved back home a week later.
94. I have laughed so hard I peed my pants before. And I am not afraid to admit it!!
95. I can't stand to fold laundry... usually it sits in the basket until we reuse it all...
96. I love to BBQ in the summer. We would do it everynight... if we bought a BBQ. :)
97. I love going on road trips with my family. It's our goal setting talk time...

98. I want to get a cottage.. on the beach.. in a little southern England when we retire.
99. I have the names picked out for our next two babies...
100. I love to blog. I am a blogaholic. ;)

ok. I tag.... everyone. Go to it ladies....

Saturday, March 15, 2008

ok... i missed Flashback friday....

and I couldn't resist posting a couple pics of my eldest bug, Kendyl....

what a doll.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We had an.... "adventurous" past week....{blog for another day...} and we left the kiddos with Grandma. When we got back we told the kids they got a prize. We gave them each a bubble wand. It's a skinny 12 inch bubble holder.... anyway, Brad was playing with his later in the day {as a sword} and said another funny Bradism....

Brad: "Mom, do you know what the other name to this bubble stick is?"
Me: "No B, what is it's other name?"
Brad: "It's an ACCESSORY."

I put accessory in caps because the kid yelled and OVER-PRONOUNCED every letter in the word. It was pretty funny.

just evidence that he has 3 sisters I guess.... poor guy.

new recipes over at our recipe blog.

Friday, March 7, 2008

flashback friday....

kendyl & daddy

the recipe blog!!!! YEAH!!

I am so SO excited!! It's finally up and running...
I finished the recipe blog... so, now we have a spot to
share all of our recipes... just let me know if you
want to be a fellow "chef"~ I will add you onto
the list.... check it out here!!

picture perfect wannabee

I saw this while blog stalking... I thought it was pretty funny...

Here are the rules:
1) Answer the Questions below.
2) Take each answer and enter it into Google image search
3) Take a picture from the first page of results and post it.

age on your next birthday:

name of previous pet:

what are you listening to right now?

bad habit:

favorite animal:

favorite color:

bad habit:

favorite food:

Grandmothers first name:


first job:

where you live:

your middle name:

place I'd like to travel to

Thursday, March 6, 2008

how many people have your name?
LogoThere are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

where IS Iraq??

so... the other day I was talking to the kids about their uncles serving
in Iraq and Kendyl asked "Where is Iraq?" and before I could answer
Brad said "China. But, I will never go there because that's where all the ninjas live."

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

these shoes were made for.... walking...

I bought some new shoes for Rylin... hoping that she'd go for them. That was a BIG negative. This is before the new shoes... just looking at them...

these are the mean new shoes...

this is after mom made Ry walk in them...
hmmm. not happy.

rub a dub a dub a dub....

I know. I know. 4 kids 1 tub... how can they come out clean??
well, they don't. ;) I just load on the lotion after.... ;)
Every now and then they all want to cram in together...
and how can I say no??! My bath schedule was just
drastically shortened... it's my LUCKY night.


Sunday, March 2, 2008

hair bow class...

I have been pretty busy this week making my bows and clippies... I have a bow party up north tomorrow and another on Tuesday.... I have over three hundred... plenty to choose from ladies... here are a couple of them...