Friday, August 29, 2008

funny nuts.

A funny from Av today:
A: "Mom, is Hadwee going to be pretty or funny?"
Mom: " Uh... both I am sure. You are all pretty and funny."
A: "When you are a nut are you funny too?"
Mom: " yep nuts are funny."
A: " I like being a pwetty funny nut."

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Monday, August 25, 2008

TAG!! you're it!!

i am: Devenie Larsen Boyer
i know: How to whistle. yep. I'm talented.
i want: To go to the gas station and get a peanut butter Twix.
i have: cute bugs.
i wish: I could bake.
i hate: when Stephen leaves the bathroom fan on.
i miss: my waistline.
i fear: Something bad will happen to my family
i feel: angry that my bugs won't clean their room...ever...
i hear: Ry singing a song.
i smell: Nothing. Allergies.... :/
i crave: chocolate milk
i search: for fun new crafty projects...Kimono shoes for Hadley are my latest....
i wonder: if my garden will produce more than 4 tomatoes this year...
i regret: not drinking more water in previous pregnancies...
i love: The gospel
i hope: Hadley comes home healthy...
i always: question myself
i am not: A maid. ok. I guess I am. just not a good one....
i believe: In eternity
i dance: hello?! all day... we're the "booty shakin' Boyers!"
i sing: to my kids everyday
i don’t always: Shave my legs
i fight: uh. never really.
i write: to remember.
i lose: my flip flops all the time.
i win: Skipbo. everytime.
i never: Sleep through the night...4 kids. prego. yeah... doesn't happen.
i listen: to my funny little people all day
i am scared: of losing a loved one
i need: To stop this blog and put away laundry
i am happy about: Hadley coming soon...
i tag: Everyone who has a blog! :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

seriously... don't these make you want to learn to crotchet??

I will take one in every color , please....

they have these boots in pink too... i know. yummy.

Holly and her yummy family...

some fun family pictures I took recently...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Kendyls first day of 1st grade...

Kendyl is my amazing oldest child... I was really sad today
to send her back to school. I love having her around.
She is wonderful.... she was very excited to go back to school
and this morning I accidentally broke the zipper off of her
new backpack. (yeah. just my luck 'eh) and she had
a melt down. I quickly apologized and told her it was an
accident and she said " I know mom. I am just really scared
to go to school..." I about died. I just wanted to hold her and
keep her to myself all day. But, she did awesome. She didn't
even flinch when she entered her new class...

love you Kendyl Dev.

isn't she beautiful...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

don't you love teething??!

this is how BOTH Ry and I feel right now....

Monday, August 11, 2008

it's a.....


i know. i know. shocking. it's so hard for us to have
girls..... :)

we are all very excited for our Hadley to get here!!!

The boys are excited... although Stephen looked at me
and said "seriously. this may be our last one. no, I am SERIOUS
this time. Four girls is enough for Brad and I..."

Whatever. He says that every time.

now it's time to shop!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

ok. fellow Twilight fan-o-holics...

Breaking Dawn is going to be released...TOMORROW!!!

I can't wait to get my copy!! HORRAY!!