Monday, August 18, 2008

Kendyls first day of 1st grade...

Kendyl is my amazing oldest child... I was really sad today
to send her back to school. I love having her around.
She is wonderful.... she was very excited to go back to school
and this morning I accidentally broke the zipper off of her
new backpack. (yeah. just my luck 'eh) and she had
a melt down. I quickly apologized and told her it was an
accident and she said " I know mom. I am just really scared
to go to school..." I about died. I just wanted to hold her and
keep her to myself all day. But, she did awesome. She didn't
even flinch when she entered her new class...

love you Kendyl Dev.

isn't she beautiful...



She really is a beautiful girl! Just like her mom :)

I hope she has an awesome first day!

swenandbex said...

She is gorgeous! Congrats on girl #4! I didn't even know you were expecting! You are one brave woman! You and your fam need to come and have dinner with us. I'll have Swen call Steven to arange it.

swenandbex said...

arRange. It will bug me unless I fix my little typo.

Mystial Batwoman said...

So cute Dev! It's just as hard letting them go this year as it was last year...I wonder if it ever gets easier?

AIR said...

Hey Dev--four girls and a boy....sounds a bit like the Howell family eh? Mygoodness you have been busy. I guess my Mom had her 5 by the time she turned 32, so that's about right, no?

I can't believe how much time has past. Your family is beautiful. You and your husband have created a nice group of wee ones.

Are you living in Utah then? I'd love to chat more. You can reach my email account at

Much love sweetie.