Monday, October 29, 2007

check it out!!

I have updated my other blog... the one for all of my yummy creations... check it out!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

ok. ok. here is my fav I...

Hello!! It's the INTERNET. {although, ice cream was a VERY close second}. I love the internet... I keep in contact with my family that live all over the US { }. I keep in touch with friends from back home { }. I can look stuff up in a jiffy...{ } I sell my stuff online { } fact, check out my new site for my yummy stuff... . I send my digital pics to get developed... and they ship them right to my door... ( ). I check my local news ( ). Every now and again I get my star fix on ... I check out all my favorite blogs... you know who you are!!! ;) and so on. and so on. I would be lost without it. Recipies, lesson ideas, quick gifts, remodeling ideas... I love this stuff!!

I also love-- ICE CREAM! IKEA, indoor swimming pools, ihop, ink pads (por scrapbooking...), Indiana Jones, Ice cream sandwiches and Ice Age.

Friday, October 12, 2007

for those that haven't seen this....

this is for the mommas...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy Birthday B!

Brad had the best birthday... at least that's what he said while opening up his presents...all he got were pirates swords and guns... and billy bob teeth. Actually, the only thing he asked for was this set of nasty teeth... who knows what is so fascinating about nasty teeth... :)but, he couldn't have been happier!

I made a cake before dinner... and asked Stephen to take it out while I was changing a diaper or something of that sort... well, he took it out and tried to flip it onto a cookie sheet.?.?. yeah, that's what i said!Well, he tried I guess. Anyway, it crumbled and it was just a disaster... we tried to at least put frosting on it... yeah, bigger mess. Needless to say, it tasted great... looked questionable... and I learned my lesson... don't change diapers with a cake in the oven!!!!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

HubbyLicious H!!!

No doubt about it! My husband is my favorite H!

These are a few reasons why:

He is my best friend. He is charming. He loves his family. He makes me laugh. He has a strong testimony of the gospel. He works hard. He brings me flowers. He is hot. He sticks out his tongue just a little bit when he tickles the kids. He is a handyman. He wears a uniform:) He starts my car for me in the winter so it's warm when I get in it. He makes a smashing breakfast. He took me to the temple. He wants a big family. He enforces FHE. He makes me feel safe. He has more integrity than anyone I know. He will watch cowboy movies with Brad all day. He gives me a break from the kids when he knows I need it. He doesn't get mad when I shop ;) He is a southern gentleman. He helps others all day... everyday. He has a smile to melt your heart. He is always suprizing me with fun stuff... like our trip to Las Vegas this month!

Our love story is crazy... short story... we dated. we broke up. we dated. we broke up. I moved. he dated. I went on a mission. we found each other again. then it only took us 6 weeks to get married. I know we are soul mates. I know that we will be dancing the funky chicken on our 70th wedding anniversary. He is my favorite person in this world. I love him to death....

other Happy H's: Halloween, Holding hands, Headbands, Heidi Swapp, Helper utah, Hand-me-downs, christmas Ham, Hand & foot and Haircuts.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

a great G.....

my favorite G is.... GARAGE SALES!!

loL... that makes me laugh... seriously, if you know me... you know I LOVE a great deal... and how can you pass up a really good garage sale. In fact, one of my greatest secrets is that my house is decorated with 85% garage sale finds... from antique trunks... to curtains... to school clothes... to picture frames... to beat up desks that my hubby and I "redo"... it's great! Although, I haven't been as dedicated the past two summers.... I really need to get back on the bandwagon... there are few things greater than a fun treasure hunt.... and friends that will go and share them with you....

**as you can tell... photo is totally unrelated, just one of my favorites....**

other Great G's: Grandparents! frozen red Grapes, Gymboree, Garbage disposals, fresh cut Grass, Gratefulness, sales rack @ Gap, Garden Veggies...