Friday, November 28, 2008

little miss attitude...

Av cracks me up. I am sitting here on the computer and she is on my bed playing with her toys... nobody is talking... then out of the blue..
Av: "MOM. You better boom with your attitude."
Mom: "what?! I don't have attitude. what are you talking about? Sounds like you need to boom with your own attitude over there..."
Av: "whatever mom. I already did."


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

baby news and a song...

Stephen and I went to our Dr. appt yesterday and had a lengthy talk with our Dr. (whom i LOVE. seriously...LOVE.) and we came to the conclusion that in 8 wed... we are scheduled to have an AMNIOCENTISIS to see if Hadley's lungs are ready... and if the results come back good... we will head over to be induced... It was all very overwhelming to be honest. I mean... we know we are pregnant. We know the baby will be here shortly. We know we want Had to be here...but, next week?! It really put things into perspective for us. We are ready and anxious.. we just hope for a healthy little bug that we will be able to take home after a short stay at the hospital... So! we are crossing our fingers for some strong lungs on this girl!

So... because she has already dropped and I am already dialated to a 2... I am sitting on my big prego bum doing nothing. I saw a video this morning that I loved and have since watched about 7 times... It is a video of some pictures from
Mark Mabry. It is put to my FAVORITE FAVORITE song of all times. In fact, I told Stephen to play this song at my funeral years ago.... Here is the link to the video... sometimes you have to click on the "main" button for the song to load...

I am so grateful for my knowledge of the Saviour and his life and sacrifice.... and I am THANKFUL for moments where I can be reminded of how special and sacred this life is....

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

it's been lovely but....

ok. I know. I've been slacking on my blogger duties... I know. But, I am tired... and...well, just tired. So, I thought I would share a little funny from Brad this morning...

Mom: (folding laundry on my bed...)
Brad: (running full blast--screaming into my room)

Mom: "what are you screaming for B?!"
Mom: "I am sorry B.....uh... it's only because they love you so much..."
Brad: "I am serious mom. Tell them to stop taganizing me RIGHT NOW or they can't love me either!"


Kendyl put me in my place the other night.... I was having a "it's bedtime and I can't take the screaming kids mugging all over me anymore" moment...

Mom: "that's it!! I can't stand the noise...everybody OUT OF MY ROOM!!!"
Kendyl: after everyone left but her..."Mom, isn't this the reason you and Dad decided to have a lot of kids?"
Mom: ok... honestly, I just stared at her at first.... bugged that I got called out.... and bugged that now I felt like I should apologize to the little bugs....

then I gave her a big snuggle and thanked her for reminding me why I have a house full of loud kids....

Saturday, November 1, 2008

trick or treat!!

all I know is that my back hurts... my chocolate stash is FULL!..
I am beat... and I need a vacation from this weekend...seriously, it was
crazy getting these kiddos dressed and fed and out the door to trick
or treat... I think next year I will volunteer to stay home and pass
out the candy... here are some very random pics...

the kids were a blur as they ran from house to house...

Kendyl and her green witch nose... very scary...

Av... halfway dressed... never without a phone...Av with her whole costume.. she was a "very bad witch"

daddy and Rylin... she was SOO excited to have her own
bag and go up to the doors...

"look at all my candy mom!!"

Brad with half his costume... really he wears his
cowboy gear everyday... so, was it REALLY a costume?hmm.

btw...BYU WON!! YEAH!!