Monday, August 25, 2008

TAG!! you're it!!

i am: Devenie Larsen Boyer
i know: How to whistle. yep. I'm talented.
i want: To go to the gas station and get a peanut butter Twix.
i have: cute bugs.
i wish: I could bake.
i hate: when Stephen leaves the bathroom fan on.
i miss: my waistline.
i fear: Something bad will happen to my family
i feel: angry that my bugs won't clean their room...ever...
i hear: Ry singing a song.
i smell: Nothing. Allergies.... :/
i crave: chocolate milk
i search: for fun new crafty projects...Kimono shoes for Hadley are my latest....
i wonder: if my garden will produce more than 4 tomatoes this year...
i regret: not drinking more water in previous pregnancies...
i love: The gospel
i hope: Hadley comes home healthy...
i always: question myself
i am not: A maid. ok. I guess I am. just not a good one....
i believe: In eternity
i dance: hello?! all day... we're the "booty shakin' Boyers!"
i sing: to my kids everyday
i don’t always: Shave my legs
i fight: uh. never really.
i write: to remember.
i lose: my flip flops all the time.
i win: Skipbo. everytime.
i never: Sleep through the night...4 kids. prego. yeah... doesn't happen.
i listen: to my funny little people all day
i am scared: of losing a loved one
i need: To stop this blog and put away laundry
i am happy about: Hadley coming soon...
i tag: Everyone who has a blog! :)

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