Monday, March 17, 2008

my 100...

Megan and Jill did a fun post.... it's 100 random things about you.... to help others get to know you. I thought it looked fun. And for some reason, I love these things.... It takes a long time~ but it's fun to rack your brain for randomness...ok. here we go...

1. I love being a SAHM.
2. I laugh when my kids get hurt. {yes. I know. it's evil...}

3. I love to decorate and re-decorate my house.
4. Most of my house is decorated with garage sale finds...

5. I am an avid garage sale shopper...
6. I love to match my 3 girls clothes
7. When I am pregnant I take a bubble bath EVERYDAY.
8. I am a "closet" reader.
9. I think my husband looks the sexiest in his 20 yr. old sweats.
10. The car I drove in college was a beat up Toyota Tercel named Nelly
11. Stephen and I haven't been on our honeymoon yet.
12. I love refinishing old furniture
13. I never write thank you letters... it's a horrible habit
14. I love reading the scriptures
15. I used to want a flower shop...
16. Now I want to own a whole boutique...
17. I love taking portraits outdoors
18. I spend all of my money on my kids clothes...

19. I desperately want a garden, but Stephen and I kill EVERYTHING we plant
20. I was chosen to recite by memory all of D&C 4 in front of 300 missionaries AND Elder Holland.
21. I used to be a Dental Assistant.
22. I let my friend drive my car in High School for lunch and she ran into the side of Albertsons.
23. I never NEVER listened to country music growing up... and I married a cowboy.
24. I swore I would never live in a small town, now I refuse to ever live in a big city.
25. I would love to be a scrapbook designer and have my own line of products.
26. I LOVE being in labor. I get excited when my contractions start.
27. I have witnessed over a dozen bad car accidents.
28. My feet have grown from a 7 to an 8 1/2 since I bore my first kiddo.
29. I wrote the horoscopes for my high school paper.
30. I bought baby clothes before I was even married...
31. I want (seriously) a dozen kids.

32. My sister and I were chosen from a crowd at Universal Studios (back in the 80s) to ride on the HUGE bee from "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids".
33. When I was in High School... before I got my parents went out of town and I took the car to a H.S soccer game... the neighbors called the police and said our car was stolen... I got in pretty big trouble.
34. I have a HORRIBLE memory. You have to tell me everything.. 4 times.
35. I still have all of my prom dresses. I saved them for my girls...
36. I used to work for Mrs. Field Cookies...
37. I shaved half my head in High School.
38. I HATE the sound of bathroom fans.
39. I have never broken a bone in my body.
40. I love to prepare lessons and talks.

41. I am compulsive IN MY MIND about cleaning... but, I have a hard time following through with all of the things I want to do...
42. I miscarried a baby 3 years ago. A month later we got prego with Avery.
43. I was an all star on my baseball team... when I was 12.
44. I got my bellybutton pierced in High School.
45. I took it out when my doctor measured my tummy with Kendyl....he told me it would be the size of a nickel by the time she was born.. now it's just an ugly tiny battle wound.
46. I hated having fake nails because Stephen would make me scratch his back all the stinkin time.
47. I love my handwriting. I used to doodle for hours just to make it pretty and fun.
48. Stephen used to bring me flowers to work at least once a month when we were dating... and big huge teddy bears.

49. When I was a nanny, my boss gave me 500 dollars to make a dinner. Then she told me she wanted eggplant Parmesan.... I had no idea what I was doing. I put it in the oven and locked myself in my room... who knows if she even ate it...
50. I love to shop thrift stores. I am a digger. I love finding a good deal.
51. Stephen and I KNOW we will have a million dollars some day. Right now we just want to be thousandars.... ;)
52. I really want to adopt a baby someday.
53. I think I am tough. I love to wrestle with Stephen... until he wins and hurts me. Then I hate it...
54. I love playing skipbo
55. I can't stay awake for movies... I lose interest very fast... actually, I think I am just always really tired.
56. This is actually really hard to think of stuff....
57. My mom calls me Devy.
58. I wish I had a middle name. My friend Chelsea and I used to make up middle names for ourselves. Hers was Renae mine was Marie.
59. Chelsea and I went to basketball camp one summer and forgot our water bottles... on our breaks we would go through all of the drive-thru's and ask for 4 waters... they were free back then...

60. I love big purses.
61. I live in flip flops. I wear them through winter... hoping that the weather gods will take notice and melt the snow...
62. I love going through the Parade of Homes
63. I got a speeding ticket on my 25th birthday. Jerk.
64. Before I graduated from High School 9 people that I knew passed away.
65. I hate to drive
66. I would rather get flowers than chocolate any day.

67. I used to be an usher at the David O McKay events center. I got to see Barry Manilow in concert. I know ladies. You're jealous.
68. I think hunting is disgusting. My husband put it this way...(I totally agree) He thinks you should give the deer a sword and at least make the fight fair... now THAT would be interesting...
69. I hate it when my husband jokes about poo. It makes me so mad when I laugh.
70. I was proposed to 4 times before Stephen did. I am so glad I waited :)
71. I was hypnotized at Jonny B's. I was told I was one of Madonnas back up dancers... And I was quite the booty shaker... hmm.. embarassing.
72. I clean better with music on. loud.
73. I am really excited to be a grandma someday.
74. I hate scary movies. I can't watch anything slightly scary before bed... otherwise I have nightmares all night.
75. I love to go on walks with my kiddos.
76. I used to shape paper clips to fit my teeth. I loved the look of retainers... until I got a real one. then they just hurt...
77. I have a scrapbook obsession. Admitting it is the first step...

78. I love Wendy's frosties
79. I have a major crush on Bruce Willis. I know he is old. I don't care. :)
80. I love camping.
81. I dread not having any babies in my house.
82. I learned how to whistle when I was a jr. in High School.
83. I love painting the rooms in my house different colors.
84. I can't pass up kids selling lemonade on the driveway. I think that's why our neighbors (the kids :) do it every other day in the summer....
85. I was kicked out of my house when I was 17.
86. I rescued a cat when I was 19 and named him Yoshi. My mom still has him.
87. Before I got married I was an internal auditor for Dillards
88. I over bleach my whites... just because I am obsessed with the smell.
89. I am deathly afraid of horses
90. I had a feta cheese salad my first trimester with Kendyl and I haven't been able to look at it the same since...

91. I am horrible at making birthday cakes... they always turn into some sort of a disaster.
92. I never untie my tennis shoes
93. I went out on a blind date with a guy just out of high school and later found out he just got out of prison. He told me he thought "I was the one" and started to stalk me... I moved back home a week later.
94. I have laughed so hard I peed my pants before. And I am not afraid to admit it!!
95. I can't stand to fold laundry... usually it sits in the basket until we reuse it all...
96. I love to BBQ in the summer. We would do it everynight... if we bought a BBQ. :)
97. I love going on road trips with my family. It's our goal setting talk time...

98. I want to get a cottage.. on the beach.. in a little southern England when we retire.
99. I have the names picked out for our next two babies...
100. I love to blog. I am a blogaholic. ;)

ok. I tag.... everyone. Go to it ladies....


Aaron, Lindsey, and Zander said...

I am SO IMPRESSED that you did this! I did it once with like seven things, and I couldn't even think of that many. You are just a way more interesting person, and I loved reading all of them!!

apzmarshl said...

I don't know if there are even 100 things I want to know about myself. I will have to rough draft first before I can commit. You are far too interesting for such a young chicka.

Megan said...

You did it! Doesn't it take such a long time to come up with so many random things about yourself? I loved it because it's all about you - when I usually blog about my kiddos. Do you keep in touch with Chelsea?

Zappe Family said...

So hilarious...I sleep in every movie, I wrote for the Eagle Eye too, did the paper clip retainer thing too! Too fun. It does take a long time to get things out, but it's also fun to read!


Wow, Dev. You crack me up. I feel like we grew up together I know so much about you now! That is awesome!

...mine might take awhile. If I don't sleep until 3am tonight I'm holding you responsible! :)

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