Friday, June 15, 2007

Yet another milestone....

This is an oldie but goodie of Brad... it's one of my favorites!!

Ok... I am officially an overbooked, overstressed and overplanned momma. We put Brad on a teeball team a few days ago and had our first two games already this week. Oh My! Serious comedy! His first time up to bat he hit the ball just fine but quickly ran to third base (only because everyone was yelling "run Brad, RUN!") then he ran back to homebase and out to second and finally to first. It was a sort-of-round-about home run I guess... :) Needless to say, we were tickled that he put on such a great show. And the constant waves and shouting "Hi mom! Are you proud of me?" made it worth every second. The kid cracks me up. This past week I was also called to the Primary Presidency in our ward... and I am excited. Kendyl starts tumbling, the older two are doing swimming lessons... and so on and so on. I know moms do this stuff everyday, and it seems normal to most... but this is a new phase for me. I am not used to the "run around" life. I am used to staying home all day in my pj's. I guess those days are quickly coming to an end. But I love it. Each stage is wonderful in it's own way.

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Lindsey said...

Whoa!!! Slow down there sista! Yep, you do sound a little busy. But I know you can handle it, and with a big smile on your face! In a way, I look forward to those days when I can go to games and performances and be so proud of my kids. But then again, I don't want Zander to grow up too fast, so I will be patient. It will be here too soon! That sounds like quite the show Bradley put on. I bet you guys were cracking up!