Thursday, June 19, 2008

funny Av

ok. I have tons to update about... but, I haven't downloaded pics yet... so, I will wait. BUT! I can't resist something funny Av said to me today....

AV: "Mom. Boys can't wear these!!"

Mom: "What? What can't boys wear?"

AV: "Bows and tights mom. Boys can't wear bows and tights."

Mom: "Oh, that's sad. Why not?"

AV: "Because boys that wear tights are spicy."

Mom: (holding back the belly laughter...) "What?"

AV: "Mom. I'm serious. Boys who wear tights are spicy."

nuff said.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dev. We've never met, so this may seem a bit akward. My name is Jeremy and I am a friend of Stephens from Mobile, AL. I was trying to find him on the net and came across your page. I wasn't positive I had found him until I saw a picture, and I could never forget that mugshot. (just kidding)

I would love to get in touch with him if I could. My email is Ask him to send me a few lines when he has a chance if he could. Thanks.

Lovely children by the way. You guys seem very happy and I hope all is well for your family.

Jeremy Robertson

apzmarshl said...

You could write a book with all of the funny things kids say!!! They are nuts.... my niece (2 yrs.) didn't want Mad to leave her the other day and so she told Mads she was breaking a commandment by leaving.

Megan said...

That is so cute! We love 'em spicy! I might have to use that one next time!


I could've told you that about boys, Dev.....

You have been married way too long to understand these things :)

She's a girl after my own heart!

Heather White said...

Tag your it! Check my blog to figure it out.