Saturday, December 12, 2009

av. you make me laugh...

I was showing Av some of my jewelry from the trip and she *freaked* out about it....{jewelry is her thing..}

Av: (as she clutches a necklace close to her chest) "oh mom.. this is all so... original."

K: huh? original? what do you mean Av?

Av: *turning to Kendyl* it means mom is so cute Kendyl.


After we picked up Avery from her friend Madisons house she wouldn't stop talking about stuff she did...

Mom: "Av, were you good?"

Avery: "yes mom. I kept all my burps in my throat like girls are suppossed to do."


Dad: "Av, will you take those shoes to my closet?"

Av: "ok dad"

*walking past him with shoes in hand....*

Av: "see how graciously I am carrying your shoes dad?"

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Linda said...

What a cutie pie! She is so funny!