Wednesday, February 20, 2008

no power = fun family time!

Our main breaker went out the other day and we were "powerless" for a day and a half. It really made me think about how much we rely on... well, power. No T.V. no computer. no heat. no cooking. no hot water... it was fun. :/

But! We had some really fun family time. We made a big fort/campfire {we have a real fireplace thank goodness...}and had a fun family home evening. After FHE we were all just sitting on our pile of blankets and I asked the family a fun question.... this is how it went down.

Mom: "do you guys have any mad skills?"
Brad: "yeah mom. I've got mad skills!"
Mom: "what are they, B"
Brad: "I've got mad skills playing limbo."

{insert laughter here.... LIMBO? what 4 year old even knows what limbo is?}

Kendyl: "I've got mad skills too mom."
Mom: "what are they?"
Kendyl: "uh. uh. I can do a goood chicken."
Mom: "oh yeah? Let's see this goood chicken..."

{Kendyl proceeds to cluck like a mad chicken and flap her wings... she's got MAD SKILLS!!}

Mom: "what about you Av?"
Avery: "I don't have skills mom, I'm a princess."

*** I love power outages.... ***

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Zappe Family said...

Love the power outage fun times too! We get them all too often up here in Seattle! I'm sure you remember... :) I guess we need those little reminders of how good we have it every once in a while!