Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Betcha’ Didn’t Know!

TAG!! you're it!!

here are 10 useless, uninteresting things you probably never needed to know about me:

1. I have been bungie jumping 14 times.

2. My 6yr old and I have dance moves we do together... in private.

3. I was a nanny for Michelle Phifers--husbands-- business partner

4. I clean when I am mad.

5. I second guess my talents everyday.

6. I ALWAYS run up the stairs at night.... since I was a child I have always thought someone is chasing me...

7. I can't stand it when people chew their nails. But I bite mine.

8. One of my life goals is to be on the Price is Right.

9. I was picked from the crowd at Sea World to swim with the dolphins.

10. I have been interviewed for t.v. 6 times.

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