Friday, February 15, 2008

flashback friday!!

ok. Seriously, it was hard to pick which old pics to post... so, I decided to just go one by one... I would do Stephen first.. but, when he was young his house burnt down... and took the pics with it. So, I only have a few and I need to find the box in the basement...So, I will do me first...

here are some pics growing up... do you see my girls in me? hmmmm.

4 months

almost 2

4 yrs.

6 yrs

8 yrs

{ok. I skipped a decade...} 18yrs

19... the year I met my soul mate..


The Kaltenbachs said...

Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog Dev. I love being able to keep up with your adorable family this way! Those flashback pictures were so so cute, life happens so fast. It seems like we were little girls playing at the reunion just yesterday...crazy! I love your posts, you are so creative and such a great mommy. Ryan and I laughed out loud at the Precisely comment, so funny : ) We love you!

apzmarshl said...

Wow!! I never realized how much your kids look just like you!!! Nice decade skip!! I would have had to skip more than a decade!

Megan said...

Totally cute pictures! I love the professional pictures - yes, I make my kiddos get all dressed up twice a year for their first 2 years of life and then once a year after that to get their pictures done at Sears. Your kids look so much like your early pictures! Way cute!

The Steele's said...

I thought that 2 year old pic WAS a pic of Avery! Holy cow!

Zappe Family said...

So fun! Love the flashbacks!