Sunday, November 11, 2007


My favorite J.
I think it's.... jewelry. I go through stages in my life when it comes to jewelry. Before I was married... never left the house without some... (not to mention make up too! ;) I always had at least some earings... a watch... you know. Cute stuff. Then, after a while... got married... had a baby... ahh. Unless I want my earings yanked out... or my daughters taking my necklace and leaving it who know where... I just can't. It's just not possible with babies... and toddlers. And now, after years of neglect, I am getting back into my obsession. It's not quite the same as the pre children days... but I am back into my chunky bracelets... crazy necklaces... and an occasional pair of earings.
I know. I know. It's not a passionate... couldn't live without... J. But, I still love my jewelry. Even if it's only on rare occasions.
check out this AWESOME necklace on ETSY
I love these earings too
other jammin J's: Joseph Smith, Jennifer Weiner, homemade Jam and JcPenney (hello. I worked there forever....)

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Monica B. said...

You'll have to let me teach you how to make it. Much cheaper, and so much fun. You're so creative you would be great at it.