Tuesday, November 20, 2007

boys will be.... boys..

my sweet B was running around the house and crashed into the fireplace... put a gash in his head all the way to his cranium... I about had a heart attack. It was bleeding like crazy... Stephen was coming home from Provo-- he was about a half hour away. I couldn't do a whole lot besides sitting there with a towel to stop the bleeding. Thank goodness for my Kendyl to help get me stuff... turn off bath water... get my phone... ah, what a good helper.
None of the Doctors would do stitches so we had to take him to the ER. URgggg.
This kind of stuff really freaks me out. I can't stand when any of my bugs get hurt. It makes me sick. And I can't let go of them...
Brad did so good. He was freaking out when it first happened. But we started to talk about pirates, his dad, disneyland and his uncles. Then he was really in a happy place. He couldn't stop talking. Apparently, he has been to disneyland already with his uncles. They went there to pick up his dad and see baby Jesus. Then they stopped to see Jack Sparrow and help him because bad guys burned down the pirate castle... there were a few snowmen and a statue of mom there as well. It was quite the story. I wish I had a recorder... it's funny how people deal with shock. Anyway, I am just glad that he's ok. That it wasn't his eye or something worse. poor buggy. At least he gets to go to the store to pick out a prize for doing good! A new sword will make everything better.... :)

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Monica B. said...

Hope he feels better, stitches are no fun. Dallin cut his finger when he was 3 and had to get stiches. Lucky for us the doctors name was also Dallin, he thought that was so cool he didn't fuss at all.