Sunday, October 28, 2007

ok. ok. here is my fav I...

Hello!! It's the INTERNET. {although, ice cream was a VERY close second}. I love the internet... I keep in contact with my family that live all over the US { }. I keep in touch with friends from back home { }. I can look stuff up in a jiffy...{ } I sell my stuff online { } fact, check out my new site for my yummy stuff... . I send my digital pics to get developed... and they ship them right to my door... ( ). I check my local news ( ). Every now and again I get my star fix on ... I check out all my favorite blogs... you know who you are!!! ;) and so on. and so on. I would be lost without it. Recipies, lesson ideas, quick gifts, remodeling ideas... I love this stuff!!

I also love-- ICE CREAM! IKEA, indoor swimming pools, ihop, ink pads (por scrapbooking...), Indiana Jones, Ice cream sandwiches and Ice Age.

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