Saturday, October 6, 2007

HubbyLicious H!!!

No doubt about it! My husband is my favorite H!

These are a few reasons why:

He is my best friend. He is charming. He loves his family. He makes me laugh. He has a strong testimony of the gospel. He works hard. He brings me flowers. He is hot. He sticks out his tongue just a little bit when he tickles the kids. He is a handyman. He wears a uniform:) He starts my car for me in the winter so it's warm when I get in it. He makes a smashing breakfast. He took me to the temple. He wants a big family. He enforces FHE. He makes me feel safe. He has more integrity than anyone I know. He will watch cowboy movies with Brad all day. He gives me a break from the kids when he knows I need it. He doesn't get mad when I shop ;) He is a southern gentleman. He helps others all day... everyday. He has a smile to melt your heart. He is always suprizing me with fun stuff... like our trip to Las Vegas this month!

Our love story is crazy... short story... we dated. we broke up. we dated. we broke up. I moved. he dated. I went on a mission. we found each other again. then it only took us 6 weeks to get married. I know we are soul mates. I know that we will be dancing the funky chicken on our 70th wedding anniversary. He is my favorite person in this world. I love him to death....

other Happy H's: Halloween, Holding hands, Headbands, Heidi Swapp, Helper utah, Hand-me-downs, christmas Ham, Hand & foot and Haircuts.


Kearns Family said...

Hi! So how are you related to Abby? She married my little bro. Lindsey and I are in the same ward! She is so much fun. What a small world!

p.s. The amazing cake was store bought... :)

Joel and Kristie said...

What a sweet slide show you made for your hubby! I love the pix of him with you and your babies!!