Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy Birthday B!

Brad had the best birthday... at least that's what he said while opening up his presents...all he got were pirates swords and guns... and billy bob teeth. Actually, the only thing he asked for was this set of nasty teeth... who knows what is so fascinating about nasty teeth... :)but, he couldn't have been happier!

I made a cake before dinner... and asked Stephen to take it out while I was changing a diaper or something of that sort... well, he took it out and tried to flip it onto a cookie sheet.?.?. yeah, that's what i said!Well, he tried I guess. Anyway, it crumbled and it was just a disaster... we tried to at least put frosting on it... yeah, bigger mess. Needless to say, it tasted great... looked questionable... and I learned my lesson... don't change diapers with a cake in the oven!!!!


Monica B. said...

I love the cake! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has had that happen before. I asked cassi to get Sadie's Pooh Bear cake out of the oven, and when she was done he didn't look like Winnie the pooh anymore. Very sad, but tasted great.

Joel and Kristie said...

I'm sorry about the cake, but it looks like your little man had a wonderful birthday, just look at his Thrilled face, soooo Precious!!!!

Hollywood said...

The good thing about cake that looks nasty is that fewer people eat it so there's more for you! I HATE when the frosting takes off the top layer of cake. Seems like I dont' even bother frosting my cakes anymore.

You are a A mom for buying your kid billy bob teeth. I get sick just looking at those things!