Tuesday, September 9, 2008

funny family night...

So, last Sunday after dinner Stephen was really excited
to sit the kids down to watch a good family Sunday night movie...
Sound of Music. Well.... we made it about 35 minutes before
the bugs were wrestling on the floor and totally oblivious to the
magical show they were missing. I was TOTALLY impressed with my hubby.
He whispered to each child to go find a secret spot and prepare two
talents to share in a family talent show... then he told me to help with costumes and
he began creating a fun stage with curtains and everything. The kids had a BLAST!
Kendyl told jokes and did ballet, Brad taught us how to sword fight like a pirate and
how to be the fastest draw as a cowboy. Avery sang a song she wrote and shook
her booty and Ry just put on a costume and stood and stared at us like
we were all wierdos. Stephen was adorable and wore a hat.. played background
music and ENTHUSIASTICALLY introduced each star...it was
a very memorable Sunday night activity. Belly laughs and booty shakin'
all night long....with the grand finale... our famous Boyer dance...


The Wozniaks said...

WOW, It is great to see the kids and Stephen...Where is Dev????

Jake said...

Nice Hat,
I think I once saw that Boyer dance once...

Mystial Batwoman said...

That's aweseome...what a fun night! Watch out B or you'll shoot your eye out. Is that a Red Rider BB GUn?