Wednesday, September 17, 2008

craft class time...

ok. OK.
I am getting back to my classes.
Not so much because people have been asking me to.. but, because I am OVERFLOWING with ideas right now... I am really excited!
The holidays are coming...uh... very quickly... and I need to start building my pile of gifts and such...
I will do the classes every two weeks for the next little bit to get some fun stuff stocked up for the holidays... hello??! Is there a better gift than something handmade? I don't thinks so :)
Each class will be ten dollars. No matter what. I will be doing classes suitable for children too. So, you can bring one of your little nuggets for a night of fun and crafting!!

Some of the classes are going to be... board albums, address books, sepia picture painting, matchbox albums, paperbag albums, handmade christmas cards and more.... hmm. Yeah. I am reallly REALLLY excited!!

I will provide everything for the class unless otherwise noted. Just come for the fun project, food and as ALWAYS! door prizes!!

Our FIRST CLASS!! :) will be on September 25th. We will be making altoid albums. These are so fun and whimsical. You will have 3 color schemes to chose from.... just let me know in advance what you want...

let me know if there is something in particular that you want to do also.... I am always up for new ideas and challenges... thanks ladies!!


Hilary said...

I WANT TO COME!! Not fair that I am far away... do you make house calls? We are only, what 10, 12 hours apart. Show pictures your ideas sound so cute!!!
Love ya, Hilary

Mystial Batwoman said...

Count me in!

tanya said...

Can I participate via snail mail? The projects all sound so fun!