Saturday, May 10, 2008

what a princess...

my funny conversation with Av tonight....

**Av was stacking my scrapbook bottle caps...***

Av- "Mom, look at my Princess castle!"
Mom- "wow Av! that is awesome!!"
Av- (with both of her hands holding my face... in all seriousness) "Mom, this is the castle we live in. You are the queen and I am the princess. And Brad is serious"
Mom- "Really. Where is Daddy?"
Av- "over there" (she points to the other side of the room)
Mom- "what is he doing over there"
Av- "He is getting ready to save you from the turtle that bit your face."

Dang turtles.


apzmarshl said...

haha......good laugh

Rob & Juliann said...

Those turtles you've gotta look out for them. They can be mean! Do they even have teeth?

Amanda said...

Wow. Good thing she warned us of those terrible turtles!! Ha ha!