Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ukulele love.

random funnies from this week....

Av: "Mom, I can't find the talkie walkies!"


B: "Mom. You have big binks." ....yes. that's what he calls boobs. I refuse to teach him otherwise. lol.


K: "I want to learn how to play the Ukelele....."

B: "I don't like Ukelele's.... Dacars are better."


ok. So, I need to work on our grammer skills a bit... I guess.

Dacars ARE cool though.

***dacar=guitar*** fyi.


Jaime said...

HILARIOUS. I would love to meet your kids. They sound so fun.

Amanda said...

Ha ha ha. Love your family. Always have, always will.

tanya said...

Cute kids! I love the way they talk and how their little brains work.

Linda said...

Devenie, I love the Jack Johnson song on your playlist :) I might have to add that to mine.