Wednesday, June 10, 2009

funny man.

we were on our way to Kendyl and Brad's first baseball game last night and Kendyl couldn't find her mit... she was pretty sad...

B: "Kendyl, you can have my mit. I am so scared I'm gunna pee my pants anyway.."


I was sitting with B on the couch this weekend listening to music.. this was our conversation...

Mom: "Brad, let's dance. I will teach you so that you can dance with your wife someday.."

B: "uh. I will not have a wife mom. I don't have time for one."

Mom: "why not B?"

B: "Because I will be too busy being a Jedi and a bullrider and a cowboy and a ninja and a football player."

Mom: "what?! you have to get married so that I can be a Grandma! "

B: "sorry mom. plus... there are no cute girls here."

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