Sunday, July 20, 2008

Thursday was Kendyl Dev and B's last game...
they were pretty sad... it went by pretty fast and
it really reminded me how quickly the summer
will pass as well... there are so many things to do..

School starts in the middle of August... I am really in shock
I have so much school shopping to do!! :) Actually, I love LOVE
school shopping. Anyway, it just makes me sad some days
to think about how fast their lives are going past... I
just want to slurp up every second with these yummy little people.

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Mama Pula said...

Hi honey~

Okay so I'm so new at this, but I lvoe to journal and this is such a handy way to not waste paper! please tell me how you get your pictures to lay the way they do on your page, instead of mine where it's all long and scrolling down on one side?????

I love your cutie page, how's pregnancy?...Welp keep in touch with me...Oh and How do I add you as a friend on here??? I'm such a myspace jUnkie that it's got me all confused!!! love ya,