Sunday, September 26, 2010

whose the REAL parent here...

brad is a crack up. I don't just say that because I am his momma and could eat him up...seriously, the kid is crazy witty. Even when I am mad... I have to bit my tongue from laughing at him...

The other night the kids wouldn't listen and go to bed. I know, shocking. I was at the end of my rope... I yelled that I was counting to 10 and if they were not in bed..they were in big trouble. "10,9..8..7.. " nobody moved..they just kept playing.." (louder) 6, 5..4" they all start running to their rooms...except for B. I get to 1 and he slowly starts walking away and turns back to me...AND WINKS. WoW...I am very intimidating to this little boy of mine. cheeky monkey.

**tonight at Fhe**

brad said he wanted to be the dad and preside over our Family Home Evening...He sat in Dad's chair and sent Stephen to the couch.

Just as Stephen said " think your big be the dad tonight" B said "ok. My first order of business...Dad, go get me a bowl of icecream." lol.


Grandma asked the kids where Jesus lived and said it started with a J. B started jumping in his seat with his hand raised...when Grandma called on him he shouted "Jamaica!"

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