Saturday, July 18, 2009

will you help us Mom?

each morning I sit with the kids and they choose their chores for the day. They can't argue with me about them... because THEY chose them. {well, really they still complain...}This morning the kids were asking about how things were going to work once all the rooms in the basement were finished....

B: "so, when we have our own rooms will you still help us clean them?"

M: "No. I only help you now because it's out of control most days and I can't stand it.."

B: **jaw dropped to floor... wide eyed***

"Mom. I have a major problem with this."

M: **laughing**

A: "If we clean our rooms Jesus will be happy."

B: "doesn't matter Avery. Jesus won't help us clean either."


tanya said...

Oh the wise wisdom of children! Love it!

Krista, Greg and Zachary! said...

OM Gosh. I love reading the little quotes you put up that your kids say! It makes me excited for zachary to start talking! Too cute. :)