Tuesday, May 5, 2009

my little dumplings..

the other night the whole fam was sitting in the living room coloring pictures... Brad was VERY proud of his and ran up to Dad... had it hidden behind his back and said "prepare to be amazed Dad.."


We did a ton of yardwork yesterday and had to take a load of rubbish to the dump.... we loaded the crew in the truck and took off.. on our way home Av was cracking us up...

Av: "when are we going to be at the dumpling?"

M: "uh... we just left the DUMP sweetie..."

Av: "no. when are we going to the dumpling?"

M: "Av, you eat dumplings and you take trash to the dump.."

Av: "Gross. I don't want to eat those dumplings."

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Ted and Allie Butterfield said...

That is SO funny! I hear it's your b-day soon, Happy Birthday you cute girl!
Love ya