Monday, November 1, 2010

whippy cake love.

ok.. first of all...I am sorry if my poor spelling offended you with my last post...I am the first to admit that my spelling and grammer...uh, stink. If it will hurt our relationship...I am sorry. I blame it on my toddler conversations that I have all day....

second. We had the opportunity to meet Becky from Whippy Cake at Swiss days. If you haven't seen her blog...check it out. Whippy it's yummy stuff. for realz. Funky. Fun. and Unique....everything that we love over at Salty Bison. Anyhoo.. she is having a fun giveaway. I almost hate sharing it will hurt my chances to win a loverly bag. Rose-marigold..that's all I'm going to say....whew. it's cute. Check it out over at

third. i have a list of funnies from the wee ones... I need to catch up. soon. I also need to make dinner and fold the pile of laundry next to my bed...

later loves.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

whose the REAL parent here...

brad is a crack up. I don't just say that because I am his momma and could eat him up...seriously, the kid is crazy witty. Even when I am mad... I have to bit my tongue from laughing at him...

The other night the kids wouldn't listen and go to bed. I know, shocking. I was at the end of my rope... I yelled that I was counting to 10 and if they were not in bed..they were in big trouble. "10,9..8..7.. " nobody moved..they just kept playing.." (louder) 6, 5..4" they all start running to their rooms...except for B. I get to 1 and he slowly starts walking away and turns back to me...AND WINKS. WoW...I am very intimidating to this little boy of mine. cheeky monkey.

**tonight at Fhe**

brad said he wanted to be the dad and preside over our Family Home Evening...He sat in Dad's chair and sent Stephen to the couch.

Just as Stephen said " think your big be the dad tonight" B said "ok. My first order of business...Dad, go get me a bowl of icecream." lol.


Grandma asked the kids where Jesus lived and said it started with a J. B started jumping in his seat with his hand raised...when Grandma called on him he shouted "Jamaica!"

Monday, September 20, 2010

whew. it's been..awhile.

i am back on the bandwagon. I have re-committed myself to this lovely blog and I am sad I have missed so much that has happened in the months. Because we all know I will never give a super good thourough update. seriously. I think a few pics of some stuff..and we shall move on.

My slacking was really due to this:
Shawna and I had a blast working our booth at Swiss Days in Midway a couple of weeks ago. It took us several months to build up enough inventory for it and it was worth the chaos. Well, to us it was....our husbands are glad it's over. ;) I still have several holiday boutiques coming up in the next few months..but I am happy to get back to my schedule for now.
so...with that excuse for my slacking... here is a super quick update. July 2nd my bubba brother was married to his sweetheart Makinzie:

The wedding was beautiful! The had a fun reception that was vintage-y and simple and lovely. The kids danced for hours. We ate yummy chicken and doughnuts. We had our pictures taken in a photo booth. And Makinzie sang a song to Chad. bee-utiful.

*look at her shoes. love it.

We took a fun family vaca up to Idaho. We stayed in Grandmas cabin in Island was a cozy blast. It was pretty cold..but we snuggled and watched movies and ate lots of was perfect. Although it may not be exciting..or blog worthy news for 'ya all... we layed sod in the front yard. yep. 4 years's done. That was a big day for the boyers....

We ended our '09 school year with a bang. Kendyl was in the talent show..she did a dance with some friends. And rocked it.

Both Brad and Kendyl sang in their end of the year performances...Stephen and I were very proud...

Another school year has started...and we have sent off another boyer bug. Av started Kindergarten and couldn't be happier. She loves it. She comes home singing and talking about her day and doesn't stop till she is in bed at night. She is making new friends and being brave. It is fun to watch them get big and do things on their own...but I miss them terribly when they go.

Ry has had quite the adjustment now too... and she is loving being the oldest. Mostly because she gets to drag Hadley around and make her do things with her all day. She is a random funny little girl. I asked her today what she wanted to be for halloween and she said "A bad bwirdie. From christmas. that eats cake in her bed. and is pink and white. and says chirp." the girl is nuts... but makes my day fun listening to her..

Hadley is following her siblings and cracking us up. She thinks she is as old as them and tries to do what they do...My favorite Hadleyism right now is the way she says her words... she calls her blanket her bacon. So when she is sad she just screams "Bacon!"... it's classic. who doesn't love pork 'eh?

We have really had a wonderfully awesome last few months.. these kids are loud and funny and wild and I am truely blessed to be their momma and watch them grow.

for now..this is good. I will post some of their funnies soon... love you my lovelies, dev

Monday, April 19, 2010


Av: "Mom.. i can't wear these shoes today.."

Mom: "Av, just put them on, we need to go!"

Av: "Mom, do you really want me to look like I am from Omaha?"

Mom: "what? (laughing) where is Omaha?"

Av: "I don't know..somewhere in California."

Sunday, March 7, 2010

sneaky boy.

Mom: "you need to go read your book for school Brad."

Brad: a couple minutes later..." Mom, I hate reading."

Mom: "what? why do you hate it?"

Brad: "Because it just means that I am getting older. The bigger the words the older I get."

Mom: "what's wrong with that, B? It just means you are learning and getting smart..."

Brad: "Yeah, but if I keep getting older then it will be time for you to die. And I don't want you to die mom."

Mom: *laughing* "B. seriously, I love you. You crack me up.."

Brad: *while giving me a hug* "so... do I still have to read my book?"

Monday, January 25, 2010


at Family Home Evening tonight:

Dad: "what is baptism by immersion?"

Brad: "you can baptise aliens?"

Dad: "{laughing} Brad, can you just listen and quit goofing."

Mom: "B, did you think Dad said baptism by a martian?"

Brad: "yeah, I thought Dad was talking about baptising aliens."


Thursday, January 7, 2010

it's all in the name...

Mom: "What's your whole name Ry?"

Ry: "Ry Ry in rain."

Av: "No it's not Ry. It's Rylin Lorainne"

Mom: "What's your whole name Av?"

Av: "Avery Anna Banana Boyer."

Mom: "What's Kendyls whole name?"

Av: "It's boring. It's just Kendyl Devenie"

Thursday, December 31, 2009

last few funnies from 2009...

Av: "Mom, Santa's elves didn't work very hard on this princess ring. It already broke."

Mom: "what? you already broke something?"

Av: "no, it's because Santa isn't very creative mom. He needs to work harder."


We were packing up the kids and the car to go home from my parents house over christmas.. Grandma and Grandpa were at church.. we were all ready to go sitting in the car and Grandma pulled up. Kendyl said from the back seat..."Awkward"


*sigh* I love that these kiddos are growing up and entering new fun stages... I am excited for 2010 and all the funny fab moments our family will experience together...Happy New Year everyone!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

big hair.

Ry: "Avwe, your hair is beautiful, but it scares me."

Mom: "why does is scare you Ry?"

Ry: "because."

Av: "because you always put these big bows in my hair Mom."

Saturday, December 12, 2009

av. you make me laugh...

I was showing Av some of my jewelry from the trip and she *freaked* out about it....{jewelry is her thing..}

Av: (as she clutches a necklace close to her chest) "oh mom.. this is all so... original."

K: huh? original? what do you mean Av?

Av: *turning to Kendyl* it means mom is so cute Kendyl.


After we picked up Avery from her friend Madisons house she wouldn't stop talking about stuff she did...

Mom: "Av, were you good?"

Avery: "yes mom. I kept all my burps in my throat like girls are suppossed to do."


Dad: "Av, will you take those shoes to my closet?"

Av: "ok dad"

*walking past him with shoes in hand....*

Av: "see how graciously I am carrying your shoes dad?"